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2 Danner Boot Styles Released at SHOT 2016 to Make Your Feet Happy


Danner’s Dromos boot are the lightest boots that made the heaviest impression in footwear at SHOT 2016.

The Dromos style is a lightweight athletic, performance boot, that is still very usable as a professional uniform boot. The Dromos is made of heavy duty ballistic nylon, and has a full synthetic polishable toe.

I can’t stress enough how lightweight the boot was. Compared to some of the Danner Acadias, which is wildly popular amongst the LEO community, the Dromos should be a quick favorite amongst officers especially during summertime when boots can be very hot while on patrol.

Melle Boot

As can be expected with Danner, their entire lineup for the fall/winter of 2015 will continue to the beginning of 2016. The second must-see boot at the show was the Danner High Ground Boot.

Most people looking at the best hunting boot, look for the advantages of the technology designed into the footwear. The sole is glued to the midsole providing for a very lightweight and comfortable boot. The Goretex allows the boot to remain waterproof while still letting the foot breathe. The boot has 900 Denier nylon, and is very abrasion- and cut-resistant. The nubuk leather is fair, but not the highest quality leather on the market. The boot will still function and protect your feet but may not last longer than a few long hunting excursions.

The High Ground is very warm and lightweight compared to traditional full leather boots. The boots do feature Goretex and Thinsulate, and will protect you from the elements. The High Ground boots are not made in America, and are not re-crafteable. The boot provides you some effective price points when looking at the ruggedized footwear. Full leather boots will run way above the $300 price points and these boots are half of that price.

Danner has solid engineering and their craftsmanship is still very high. We will be looking for a full leather mockup in the seasons to come. Happy hunting and stay vigilant in your off season shopping.

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2 Danner Boot Styles Released at SHOT 2016 to Make Your Feet Happy