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16-Year-Old Catches New Australian Record Swordfish [PICS]

Images via Team Choonachasa

The new Australian record swordfish is one big fish.

A six-hour battle resulted in the largest swordfish ever landed in Australian waters coming in at 580 pounds, 15 ounces. What makes this amazing catch even more impressive is the fact that this new Australian record swordfish was landed by a 16-year-old kid. To top this off, he did it using only 24kg line, or approximately 50 pound line for us Americans.

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Kyle Longmore was fishing about 22 miles off of the coast of Tasmania when the giant fish hit.

“I hooked the fish at 10:45am and we finally landed it in the boat at 4:45pm.” Kyle told the Daily Mail Australia. “I was pretty exhausted by then but once the fish was in the boat I just felt massive relief.”



This massive swordfish beat the old Australian all-tackle record by 194 pounds.



“It jumped about 23 times to try and get rid of the hook, but we still weren’t sure how big it was,” said Longmore. “It was only when we got it onto the boat that we realized the size of it.”

This is something Longmore will remember for the rest of his life.

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16-Year-Old Catches New Australian Record Swordfish [PICS]