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133-Yard Antelope Shot with a .357 Magnum [VIDEO]

When hunting antelope, the go to gun is usually a high powered rifle.

This guy has decided to use a .357 Magnum revolver.

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Watch this great shot at 133 yards that takes down a nice antelope.


Is a .357 Magnum revolver the right gun for your next antelope hunt? For this guy it sure was.

With an iron sighted Taurus .357 Magnum revolver this hunter scores an amazing shot. This shot measured an incredible 133 yards long. The antelope ran a little ways, but soon succumbed to the shot.

While many hunters feel the .357 Magnum is not enough gun, the damage is clear in this video. Shot placement is vital, but the mighty cartridge can put down game, even out that far.

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133-Yard Antelope Shot with a .357 Magnum [VIDEO]