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12 Deer Found Dead in New Hampshire Due to Public Feeding [VIDEO]

12 deer have been found dead in New Hampshire as the result of people feeding them. 

Officials with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department are alerting people not to feed wildlife. 12 deer were recently found dead in South Hampton due to people leaving out piles of high carbohydrate foods, like deer pellets, hay, and corn.

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Although people are leaving the food in order to help the deer through this harsh winter, it is causing more harm than good.

Foods high in carbohydrates are difficult for the wild deer to digest and if they already have full stomachs, they will eat the food and basically “lie down recumbent and die very quickly;” a result of acidosis.

Wildlife officials also stress that feeding deer causes them to be less wary of humans and will lure them into more dangerous, public areas. More deer in public areas may lead to more car-deer accidents.

If you want to help the deer, either leave them alone or give them food they are used to like maple leaves, oak trees or alder branches.


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12 Deer Found Dead in New Hampshire Due to Public Feeding [VIDEO]