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12 Best Gun Upgrades to Make You Tacti-Cool

Gunsumer Reports

Some guns are made perfect. Others, not so much. Check out these 12 best gun upgrades.

The question is whether or not you can over-upgrade. Possibly, as far as functionality, but not when the cool factor is considered. There are such a vast number of possible gun upgrades, but these are the 12 best upgrades we found.

1. Custom Fluted Barrel

fluted barrel

This is one of the best barrel upgrades on the market. It comes in various lengths, but the best for the money is this 16″, spiral-fluted, bull barrel. This piece of beauty is made of 146 stainless steel. It is produced by Rock River Arms.

2. Top Optics

scope camera
Grand View Outdoors

In this age of recording and sharing every moment of our lives, this is the scope you need for your gun. Produced by LAXCO, the Digiescope intragrates both great optics and great videography capabilities. It also offers a 1000 yard effective range.

3. Best and Most Innovative Laser

laser max
Firearms Blog

LaserMax has been the first innovator in Guide Rod Laser technology for over two decades ago. They continue to develop some of the best laser sights and lighting systems on the market. The Guide Rod Laser system comes in various models and fits most major brands.

4. Low-Profile Rail System

low profile rail
Gun Digest

You no longer have to worry about comfort in exchange for a great rail system for accessories. With this low-profile rail system, you can accessorize your firearm, and still maintain that comfort. They are low-cost and can be customized to fit any length of rail less than six inches.

5. NRAT Minimalist Tactical AR Stock

paracord bms stock
Rebel Arms

You can never have too much paracord in your kit, but toting it around can force one to become very innovative. This minimalist AR stock is just the piece of equipment for you.

It comes with an 8-foot section of paracord, and can be found in various colors depending on the manufaturer. According to Gun Digest, this stock was designed by Nemo Arms and thus bears its name, NRAT (Nemo Rapid Assault Team) strap.

6. Scorpion Pistol Grip

Midway USA

The Sorpion Recoil Pistol Grip is a great upgreade for your AR platform rifle. Developed from a DuPont engineered-polymer and designed with an ergonomic grip, it is comfortable for any size hand and can be installed using regular factory pieces.

7. ATPIAL-C Target Pointer/Illuminator/Laser

Midway USA

The ATPIAL-C is the civilian version of EOTech’s military ATPIAL (Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Laser). It has both visible and IR technology allowing you to get precise target acquisition and area illumination. It’s also very light-weight coming in at just over 7 ounces.

8. HIPER Touch EDT Series


The EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger) system from HIPER Touch is part of their full line of advanced trigger upgrades for your AR platform rifle. Combining adjustable high trigger weight with low hammer energy gives you the best of both worlds. You no longer have to worry about hard to pull triggers or hair triggers.

This system offers a slightly shorter trigger travel distance MIL-Spec strike energy. It can also be installed easily without having to remove the safety.

9. Pistol Extension Kit


The HERA Arms CPE (Colt Pistol Extension) Kit is a dream upgrade for 1911 enthusists. The kit serves as a pistol housing for any 1911 and meets all BATFE standards.

The CPE allows the user to mount any weaver rail accessories on their 1911 pistol with easy installation.

10. Universal Picatinny Rail Adapter

rail adapter

This Universal Picatinny Rail Adapter fits most large-framed pistols and is fairly inexpensive, usually running between $14.99 – $19.99. It’s easy to install and allows you to mount a limited nubmer of accessories to your pistol such as a light or camera.

11. Offset Iron Sights

offset sights
Gun Digest

Not all optics mount with the ability to also use your iron sights. For that matter, fewer and fewer guns are being manufactured with iron sights. This is an issue because many shooters today have no idea how to shoot without advanced technology helping them.

These offset, rail-mounted iron sights allow you to use either technique depending on the situation with a simple turn of your stock. Available from numerous sources, these make a great and useful addition.

12. Bipod

8541 Tactical

A bipod is one of the best upgrades to make to any rifle. However, like most things, not all are made equal. Be sure to choose a bipod that is easly mounted and deplyed. It should be foldable and have some measure of sping actuated legs. This one is made by Alamo Four Star.

No matter what type of firearm you have, upgrades can be both fun and useful. They offer a better understanding of the operation of your firearm, and can serve as an avenue of enjoyment.


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12 Best Gun Upgrades to Make You Tacti-Cool