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Conservation at Its Finest: 11 of the Best Deer Rescues [VIDEO]

Conservation at its finest; here are 11 of the best deer rescues caught on film.

Hunters and outdoorsman often go above and beyond in various situations. Watch some of these good samaritans that saved our deer friends.

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These 11 deer rescue videos will restore faith in humanity and warm your heart.

1. Deer Fawn Rescue

A whitetail fawn got stuck in porch railings in Pennsylvania. The resident wiggled the fawn out and let it go. Thankfully the young’n appeared to be injury free.


2. Hovercraft Deer Rescue

Many deer die from cold water temperatures or fall through the ice and drown. Thankfully, these deer were able to be saved.


3. Ice Skaters Rescue Deer

The doe couldn’t get traction on the slippery ice. These Canadians went above and beyond and got the deer to shore where it could get a grip.


4. Father and Son Save Rescue a 10-Point Buck

Unfortunately, the eight-point was already killed, but two brave hunters were able to free one of the deer. The rescue took approximately 30 minutes, but they shortened the video down to about nine minutes.


5. Kids Rescue Deer Fawn from River

It’s always refreshing seeing young men doing the right thing when no one is watching. They freed the deer and it went on his way quickly.

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6. Deer Stuck on Fence

Two guys were taking  a winter stroll and ran into a young buck that was stuck on some wire. Thankfully one of them had an axe on them and freed the buck and off it went.


7. Deer Saved by Hunters from a Pack of Coyotes

Warning: Graphic

Great job to the folks in this video. The two bucks were interlocked while sparring. Three coyotes feasted on the loser while the victor buck could not get away. Luckily these hunters intervened.


8. Fisherman Save Fawn

A few guys out fishing noticed a fawn in the middle of the lake and swooped in to save the deer. Such a nice act of kindness.


9. Fawn Trapped in Pool

On Father’s Day, these folks woke up to a noise in the pool. They then saved the swimming fawn from drowning.

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10. Stranded Fawn Rescued from Flooded Creek

Kansas City citizens jump into action to rescue a struggling to stay afloat in a creek.


11. Fawn Freed from Fencing

A young fawn was stuck in fencing and a nice fellow saved him. Immediately after freeing the fawn it went back its mother.


After viewing these 11 of the best deer rescues you’ll be primed to help a trapped deer. Remember to be careful, they are still wild animals.

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Conservation at Its Finest: 11 of the Best Deer Rescues [VIDEO]