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10 Things to Spend Your Tax Return on at Bass Pro Shops [PICS]

Are you looking for the best way to spend your tax refund this spring? 

It’s that time of year again where we are all fishing for ways to spend our tax refund money. But where should you spend it?

Admit it. Most of you have had your eyes set on that one thing that would make your everyday hobbies even more enjoyable. For some it is new fishing gear, while for others it is that extra accessory that will make your weekend hunting trip a huge success. Luckily, you can support any outdoor hobby by using your tax refund money at Bass Pro Shops, and just in time for their Spring Sale.

During the Spring Sale, Bass Pro Shops offers a wide variety of quality outdoor equipment at a lower price. This week, the main focus is on the Spring Fishing Sale and the Spring Turkey Sale. With turkey season around the corner, you can also find great deals under their “featured items” section.

Hunting, fishing, and camping gear are available both online and in stores.

View our slideshow to see what you can buy at Bass Pro Shops.

Hunt in HD

Bass Pro Shop

Day 6 Outdoors Plot Watcher Pro allows you to track your game in HD. With more than 10 times the battery life as the original PlotWatcher, you will be able to analyze travel patterns more consistently.


It’s Time For Turkey Jerky

Bass Pro Shop

With turkey season around the corner, make sure that you have the right equipment to make homemade jerky. This stainless steel food dehydrator holds large quantities of food so that you can prepare as much as you’d like within a few hours.


Call 1911

Bass Pro Shop

Most gun enthusiasts dream of the day that they will get their chance in owning a 1911 semi-automatic pistol. Remington offers the reliable model R1 at a reasonable price.


New Browning Pistol Vault

Bass Pro Shop

The new Browning PV500 pistol vault is perfect for safely storing your pistol. With key pad entry and a back-up battery system, this vault is sure to have your pistol ready when you are.


Reel Them In

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Spinning Reel is included in this spring sale, making it an absolute steal and perfect purchase!


Water-Resistant Rangefinder

Bass Pro Shop

Pursuit X1 M700X Laser Rangefinder is perfect for any outdoor sport. Its LED display makes it easy to read and is highly recommended by online reviewers.


Tikka T3 Lite Rifle

Bass Pro Shop

Tikka offers several different models of quality hunting rifles at a great price! Accuracy and reliability are key when considering your next rifle purchase, and you definitely can’t go wrong with Tikka.


Get to Grillin’

Bass Pro Shop

Just in time for Father’s Day! Is there even a better way to spend your tax refund than to purchase a grill large enough to provide for a ‘man-sized’ feast? This grill is perfect for both your backyard BBQ and your upcoming camping trip.


Kershaw Ken Onion Folding Knife

Bass Pro Shop

Razor sharp blade that opens effortlessly. The blade itself is constructed of Tungsten and coated with stainless steel. It is both easy to use and an excellent value.


Sit-In Kayak

Bass Pro Shop

Finding a durable kayak that won’t cost you at least $500 is almost an impossible task. Bass Pro Shops is currently selling one that won’t break your budget and has left previous purchasers nothing but satisfied.

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10 Things to Spend Your Tax Return on at Bass Pro Shops [PICS]