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10 Amazing Deer Rescues You Have to See [VIDEO]

Luckily for these deer, some folks are always willing to pull deer rescues.

deer rescues

Deer are notorious for wandering into places they shouldn’t or getting themselves stuck in some very awkward situations.

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Thankfully, there are some good Samaritans, hunters, and rescue teams out there to help them when they need it. When it comes to deer rescues, these people are quick thinking, creative, and very clever.

Luckily for us viewers, these rescuers had the foresight to document their hard work. We get to see them in action and deer run off to safety.

Click through this slideshow to view 10 amazing deer rescues.

Hunter Save Buck From Coyotes

Two bucks get stuck together during a duel to the death. A pack of coyotes comes along and begins to feast upon the loser. The other buck is unable to get away, so these hunters step in to help save the victor before he is eaten alive.

Doe Stuck On Ice is Blown Back to Shore

Two doe are stranded out on some thin ice. Rather than risk walking out to get them, the rescuers send in a helicopter. They have a more clever idea than just picking them up.

Men Risk Lives on Thin Ice to Save Doe

deer rescues

This doe gets stranded on a just-frozen pond in Charlotte, Michigan, and a rescue team is called in to save her. Walking across the thin ice with a boat, they haul the half-frozen and injured deer to shore.

Deer Gets Hoof Stuck In Fence

deer rescues

Somehow this deer ended up hanging by its hoof from this guy’s privacy fence. I guess it thought it could jump it and escape.

Fawn Rescued From Drainage Ditch

deer rescues

This little fawn made the mistake of getting too close to this concrete drainage ditch and was just small enough to fall inside. Now this team of rescuers has to come up with a very delicate rescue for the little guy.

Deer Gets Wedged Between Two Chunks of Ice

deer rescues

This poor deer must have stepped in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he managed to get himself wedged between two large chunks of ice. These guys didn’t have the proper tools for the job, but they still manage to get the job done. They dragged the exhausted deer to safety and then tried to nurse her back to health.

Locked Up Deer Saved by Hunter

deer rescues

While looking for the buck he shot earlier, Chad Yousey stumbled upon two more bucks locked together. One was dead and the other was thrashing around, so Yousey attempts to free him from an eventual slow death.

Locked Deer Tased

deer rescues

Two bucks, one dead and the other alive, are locked together by their antlers. The South Lake Minnetonka Officers come to the scene to rescue them. Their idea to get them apart is a little unorthodox but very effective.

Watch the video.

GoPro Hovercraft Rescue

deer rescues

After wandering way out onto the middle of Albert Lea Lake, three doe become stranded on the slippery ice. James and his father see a Facebook post about it, and they spring into action with their cool hovercrafts to rescue the deer.

Deer Rescue: “The Musical”

deer rescues

This doe gets stuck after wandering onto some very slippery ice. Luckily for her, two guys with ice skates come to her rescue. One guy enjoyed it so much he turned their video into this funny musical from the deer’s perspective.

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Deer Rescues

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10 Amazing Deer Rescues You Have to See [VIDEO]