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10 Amazing Animal GIFs That Will Make You Look Twice [PICS]

We collected the best animal GIFs we could find for this list of amazing footage that will either bring a smile to your face or leave you shaking your head.

These 10 animals are up to some crazy antics. Have you ever seen anything like this in the field or on the water? Props to the folks who captured this footage, as well as the folks who made them into handy GIFs so we can watch them over, and over, and over…

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This fox has hops.



Bull vs Lion. Bull Wins 



Bears can Climb ladders, too.



Can you do the Alligator shimmy? 



The bald eagle is the early favorite of the 2016 BassMaster Classic.



Peek-a-boo, I see you. animal-gifs-6


Silly elk



This otter’s got game.



Not your average trunk monkey.




 Who doesn’t like animals doing funny things? I’m pretty sure that even the cavemen would sit around the fire telling stories of funny things they saw animals do.

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10 Amazing Animal GIFs That Will Make You Look Twice [PICS]