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Flare-Launching Survival Pen is a Rocket in Your Pocket [VIDEO]


A new survival pen allows its owners to write from one end, and fire off a signal flare from the other.

The titanium pen, Endure, contains an assortment of hidden survival features, including a ferrocerium fire rod, in which the steel pocket clip can serve as a striker, and a spike for self-defense, digging or breaking glass. An attached lanyard of paracord contains an flammable inner cord that can be used as tinder to easily spark a fire.

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But perhaps the most impressive feature is the flare-launcher on the Endure. A standard center-fire signal flare can be screwed onto the end, and with the flick of a switch, the pen rockets a bright flare about 60 feet into the air. The Endure also accepts other types of flares and bear bangers.

While cost isn’t likely a factor for a survivalist in the market for a James Bond gadget such as the Endure, it rings up at a relatively modest $125, fairly reasonable considering some luxury pens can retail for far more. And those don’t have the option to flag down a passing airplane while lost in the woods.

The company doesn’t address safety, although it’s fair to say it’s a bit more dangerous to carry an Endure than a standard ballpoint, where the worst thing that can explode in your pocket is an ink capsule. That said, if you’re carrying a loaded flare launcher of any type around in your pocket, you probably don’t have much of a survival instinct to begin with.

All the same, the Endure’s cost and bulk may still be worth it for those looking for a pen for that last-ditch situation. Who knows? In a worst case scenario, this pen could be the tool that allows you start a fire, secure rescue, and once back in civilization, write the first draft of your harrowing survival memoir.

With a little less than a month to go in its fundraising drive on Kickstarter, then pen is about halfway to its goal of $25,000. If you want to pitch in $125 for support, you can have one of your own delivered by Sept. 2015.


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Flare-Launching Survival Pen is a Rocket in Your Pocket [VIDEO]